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Measures by the Ontario Courts to control the spread of COVID-19

  • As of Monday, March 16, anyone with a Provincial Offences Act, family or criminal court appearance scheduled in the Ontario Court of Justice does not need to attend court, unless the matter is an in-custody or urgent criminal matter or an urgent family matter. 

  • Effective March 16, all sittings of the Ontario Small Claims Court are suspended until further notice.

  • The Superior Court of Justice is suspending all regular operations, effective March 17 and until further notice.

  • Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020, except as provided below, the Court of Appeal will suspend all scheduled appeals for a period of 3 weeks (until April 3, 2020). 

  • During this period, urgent appeals will be heard based on either the written materials or remotely. 

  • Parties on non-urgent appeals that were scheduled between March 17 and April 3, 2020 can request that their appeal be heard in writing.

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