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What the new and improved DivorceMate Cloud portal means for the family law profession

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DivorceMate is close to releasing the next phase of its DivorceMate Cloud platform, and president Michael Perlman says “we’re pleased with the shape and direction it’s taking.” “It’s a collaborative platform that will allow family law professionals to connect with their clients and other family law professionals in a safe and secure portal,” he says.

A big part of the improved platform is the ability for family law professionals to invite their clients to the DivorceMate Cloud portal to share documents and communicate with each other. These documents can be sent back and forth within the confines of the secure portal for reviewing and editing, and DivorceMate is also adding the ability to highlight sections of a document which will be a new feature in the software which “will come in handy when you send a document to a client and ask them to ‘fill out or review the highlighted sections,’” adds Perlman.

Another important feature of the upgraded DivorceMate Cloud portal is the ability for family law professionals to have their clients fill out basic intake information like names, important dates, children’s info, birthdays etc. This enables the client’s often limited resources to be directed to aspects of the case most deserving of the family lawyer’s professional skill and expertise.

Legal professionals can also let their clients go one step further and input all financial information like incomes, assets/debts and monthly expenses that will populate financials and property statements. The days of collecting this information and manually inputting it into your DivorceMate forms are over, Perlman notes, plus “with our guidance and help built into the client portal, the information you get from your client will be much improved and more complete.”

And this is all done in the safe and secure DivorceMate Cloud portal.

“Being able to exchange documents with your clients and/or other legal professionals in a secure space is an important part of what we’re building,” says Perlman, adding this is a huge improvement in terms of data security over email. “This should give our clients peace of mind when it comes to keeping confidential information safe and secure.”

Original Article: Canadian Law Mag

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