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Covid 19

COVID-19 Legal Issues


The Covid-19 crisis is resulting in various legal issues of which many are unprecedented and posing questions unaddressed within current laws. With the situation surrounding COVID-19 rapidly evolving, Akhar & Associates Legal Services, is committed to ensuring our clients continue to receive the same high-quality legal services to which they are accustomed – wherever we or they are.

We are offering FREE CONSULTATIONS for COVID-19 related legal issues. Kindly contact us at (289) 632-1571


COVID‑19 Abuse and Family Violence
COVID‑19 Criminal Law
COVID‑19 Debt and Consumer Rights
COVID‑19 Employment and Work
COVID‑19 Housing Law
COVID‑19 Immigration and Refugee

COVID‑19 Income Assistance
COVID‑19 Provincial Offences
COVID‑19 Tribunals and Courts
COVID‑19 Wills and Powers of Attorney

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